MLFlow Trainer

Odahu provides a Trainer Extension for the popular MLflow framework.

This allows model Training in Python, and provides support for MLflow APIs. Trained models are packaged using the General Python Prediction Interface.


  • Odahu supports Python (v. 3) libraries (e.g. Keras, Sklearn, TensorFlow, etc.)
  • MLeap is not supported
  • Required packages (system and python) must be declared in a conda environment file
  • Train must save only one model, using one MLproject entry point method. Otherwise an exception will occur
  • Input and output columns should be mapped to the specially-named head_input.pkl and head_output.pkl files to make it into the Packaged artifact
  • Training code should avoid direct usage of MLflow client libraries

Implementation Details

Support official
Language Python 3.6+

Source code is available on GitHub.

Low-level integration details are provided here.